Thursday, 5 January 2012

without them you feel like nothing

Recently helped my friend Amy do her A-level photography. In all honesty I have no idea what the point of the shoot was and what style they'd been asked to do it in, she just told me it was sugarskull and I was basically up for it. The shoot went..well, I couldn't stop laughing and it was freezing outside, so there are A LOT of odd photos that she can't use, cus I was meant to be looking distant and thoughtful, not happy and laughing. The edits are really good and I love my eyes! My favourite one is the last one because she managed to edit it so that I had brown hair and not ginger like it usually is! If you check out her blog then you'll not only find a post almost identical to this but also a shoot of herself that she did which is really good :)

Polly xo


  1. looking awesome :) i am now, finally, following you!! xo

  2. So pretty! This is seriously amazing. Love!

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    ox from NYC!