Thursday, 10 November 2011

something music kids might steal

I apologise for the absolute terrible quality and editing of these photos, the lighting was so crap and I wasn't really in the mood to take photos. My blazer is from Primark and I've had it for about 5 years, I quite like it but because it's not major casual I don't wear it that much which is annoying. I have NO idea where the dress is from haha, it's too long which is annoying but I love the pattern and the shape of it. Only got to wear it once (last picture) so far which is a shame but it's because I'm not really a dress person. Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a good New Year, I'll be spending mine in the company of family friends because my life sucks and my mum hates me, but what can you do!

Polly xo

lets make time work for us

This post is a bit lame, but I was insanely bored one day so put on some racing stripe face paint and played with fire. My camera has this 'burst shot' thing so it takes a load of photos at once, and if you look closely enough then you'll notice that every photo is slightly different as it's just after I lit the match. The very last one is my favourite cus I'm like 'OMGZFIRE' 
Oh yeah! I've done a load of shoots recently so I'll be uploading them soon :) I'm gunna draft them now and you'll see them in the next couple of days/weeks.
P.s I seriously apologise for my topknot, it was a lazy day! Forgive me plssss!

Polly xo

Monday, 7 November 2011

friends art

My friend who is a year younger than me is doing her GCSE art at the moment, which like most photography modules is centred around natural photography. She used my camera and I've just uploaded them then edited them, I think they're quite good so going to share them with you. So tell me what you think if you have the time! :)

Polly xo.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

CrossTick 2

Bowler Hat - Topman £16
Boot slipper - Slipper Store £ 8.99

  1. Favourite of the week - Plants vs Zombie..oh my dear sweet lord it's so good. I completed in like an hour but even though I did, I just can't stop playing it. If you have Google Chrome check it out on there..please! I think it's an iPhone app, but seeing as I have a BlackBerry I can't play it on there :(
  2. Favourite accessory of the week - I love love love love bowler hats and I really want one, when I get my allowance in about a week I'll definitely be buying this. I've found out that buying stuff from the mens section in both Topman and River Island is a lot cheaper, so the fact that it's only £16 is a bonus!!
  3. Favourite item of clothing of the week - I guess slippers aren't really clothing, but since it's getting into winter I thought of looking round to see what there was. Admittedly this was the first pair that I came across, but they're so cute. I had a red pair similar to these..but they got stolen or lost I'm not really too sure.
  4. Favourite song of the week - Delorentos - S.E.C.R.E.T Literally found this band earlier today but this song is so good, and I love the rest of their stuff. Found them because a friend and I are going to see Frank Turner soon (OMGYAYAYAYAY) so we were looking for a band on YouTube that we would instantly fall in love that we would go see after..this is what we found :)
  5. Favourite video of the week - Rhianna - We Found Love This is a bit of a weird one, I like Rhianna and think she is a really good singer, however I don't really like her music genre. Someone showed me this video and i was like woahhhhh. Apparently it's exactly like Requiem For a Dream, so after I've finished this post I'm going to watch that :)
Polly xo

Saturday, 22 October 2011

its that ancient love that you won't outgrow

  • Dress - £26 River Island
Currently using a mac that make absolutely no sense to me, I should have done a Need This post about 2 days ago now, but I forgot, so now because I'm out I'm just using the pictures that I already had saved for a post I was gunna do in a while..but you get it early..yay! I'm probably forgetting about my blog a bit because of college and the amount of work that I am getting, however it is half term now (well our college calls it reading week, odd I know) so hopefully I can post more and also get a load of drafts in.

OH also got a friend to do my layout, its pweety chyeah >.<

Polly xo

Monday, 17 October 2011

everything you say is about you

  • Top - £15 Topshop
  • Shorts - $70 Some weird australian shop
  • Socks - £3 Primark
Sorry the first and last picture are practically the same, but at the moment I'm just using photos that I've already taken for other random things. For some reason I took these on my birthday, so yeah this is me being 16 for the first time, posing and looking grumpy haha. I love the socks that I'm wearing in the picture but I've worn them so much now they're a bit manky and the bows have fallen off waaa! Oh well, sorry it's a quick post but I didn't have much time to do this one

Polly xo

Friday, 14 October 2011


Ram Neclace - £9 Acessorize

  1. Favourite of the week - The new iPhone 4S is amazing, I've watched all of the videos for it and and am now hating my BlackBerry so so so much. A friend of mine is getting it next week and my jealously is uncontrollable..considering stealing it..
  2. Favourite accessory of the week - Originally I wanted to show you guys a little green globe necklace a girl in one of my classes was wearing the other day, but I couldn't find it anywhere on internet (even though it probably is somewhere..meh) So I chose this ram necklace. I think it's pretty simple, and because I'm an Aries it's my Star Sign as well!
  3. Favourite item of clothing of the week - My friend got this from her boyfriend for her birthday last week (you can see it on her blog amyvalentinex) and it's not something I would EVER wear, but it's pretty cool and interesting, makes a change to other boring denim jackets that are around at the moment
  4. Favourite song of the week - Bombay Bicycle Club - Dorcas I am totally in love with BBC and have been searching round YouTube for a load of their stuff I might not have heard yet. I'm so happy I found this, it's not got any lyrics but it's massively chilled and
  5. Favourite video of the week - Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox) Not really into dubstep, but I've been hearing a load of stuff by Skrillex everywhere so thought I'd check him out..he's amazing, so sick and when I found this video I just thought it was so clever and fits so well, just watch it if you haven't seen it, sooooo good.
If you want me to check anything out then just comment :) 
(god I sound so gay seeing as this is only my first one of these posts hahaha)

Polly xo

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Need This..1: you won't make the call

  • Polar Bear - £46 buy here
  • Dalmatian - £44 buy here
  • Help - £46 buy here
  • Pure - £46 buy here
So when it comes to Topshop I'm a complete fangirl and I love most of their stuff. However seeing as I have no moneys whatsoever I don't have much of their stuff..sad times. Since it's getting colder (well it's meant to be, what's up with this weather!?) I need to buy myself a couple of nice jumpers and I've been swooning over these for a while. My favourite is the dalmatian one and thankfully it's the cheapest! (he's wearing a little bow..hehe how caute) 
I want to start blogging more again, but with college and everything else it's a bit difficult to fit everything in, but I might as well try! I'll probably end up doing a load of posts right now and just queuing them..ho hum better than nothing. 

Polly xo

Sunday, 25 September 2011

you already know

  1. Key necklace - Topman with changed chain
  2. Shorts - Topshoop last season
  3. White top - Have a feeling its primark but not too sure
  4. Daisy headband - Faith
  5. Hair dye - Colour live XXL WILKINSONS ;)
HAVEN'T POSTED IN AGES due to the fact I got a little bit bored with blogger and didn't have the time to take pictures and upload them. However! I am about to start getting a HUGE allowance (yayayayayay) so I'm gunna be buying a lot more, and due to the fact I'm not at college, with all my afternoon frees i'll probably have more time to do stuff..just not necessarily on a regular schedual ahhhh.
So yeah this is from a couple months ago when I decided to dip dye my hair..which has since faded :( mah but I'm going to be doing it again soon (YEEE)

Polly xo

Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Outfit of the Week: stolen love

  1.  Necklace -River Island
  2. Panda Ring - Accessorize
  3. Leaf Ring - Primark
  4. Shorts - Asos
  5. Top - No idea, couldn't read the lable..sorry

As you can see I'm going to start doing my Friday Outfit of the Week, it's so that my blog has some substance and is a tad more interesting. This week is stolen  love, and if you know me this will make sense, because I steal most of my friends clothes. I am actually wearing someone's boots in these too, but the lighting was so awful that they just looked stupid. 
Also apologies for the last picture, it was a spur of the moment thing and I thought it was quite fun. So yeah tell me what you think of the outfit etc :)
OH and one last thing! I'm going to wagamamas tonight and am super super super excited!

Polly xo

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Open House

  1. Necklace - Avon £5
  2. Far Away Perfume - Avon £6
So this is my first 'haul' post. I get a load of avon stuff through the post all the time and I just love all the stuff they sell. It's such good quality and pretty cheap considering. I am a little bit annoyed about my order though, because me being really stupid managed to order the wrong perfume. I usually get the one that's the same bottle but its a pink and black top and smells kind of flowery and subtle. However this one is really strong, even though it's really nice. It smells of like mango and soap which I guess is nice but can be a bit overpowering. 
I havve to apologise for the quality of the second to last photo and some of the others, since this is my first time doing this I didn't really know where to do it and the lighting was absolute crap. Oh well, luckily you can still see the deatil on my new necklace which is lovely! And it opens, which I didn't know at first and it ended up really exciting me!
I've just realised this is really long aha, hope you like the stuff :)

Polly xo.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

our smallest adventures

  1. Top - Primark £4
  2. Shorts - Topshop £36
  3. Belt - H&M - £3
  4. Tights - Primark - £2
  5. Crimper - Babyliss (oh yes!) £20
Heya, me again. These photos are really old and were taken before I got my camera fixed, which is why the quality is really bad. I've been really wanting to do a load of posts of some stuff that I've recently bought but I can't because a friend has my camera right now.
Anyway, these photos were done when I hadn't lost the belt, and now for some reason I can't find it and without it the shorts look really big, and they're my favourite shorts ever. Hum, well I'm selling them for £20, so if anyone wants them they can have them, just get in conact with me
Seeing as this is my first ever 'fasion post' it isn't that amazing, but I hope its ok :)

Polly xo. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Ages ago I went to Bournemouth with a load of friends because the weather had just begun to be nice (before it got worse again)and it was a lovely day, with not too many people on the beach. We all took a little bit of alcohol and got a bit tipsy, which is y'know always the best. 
I massively want to back again with friends, but I know that people have been planning a trip which unfourtunately I haven't been invited to. Oh well, even planning on facebook as always will probably commence soon!

Polly xo.