Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Outfit of the Week: stolen love

  1.  Necklace -River Island
  2. Panda Ring - Accessorize
  3. Leaf Ring - Primark
  4. Shorts - Asos
  5. Top - No idea, couldn't read the lable..sorry

As you can see I'm going to start doing my Friday Outfit of the Week, it's so that my blog has some substance and is a tad more interesting. This week is stolen  love, and if you know me this will make sense, because I steal most of my friends clothes. I am actually wearing someone's boots in these too, but the lighting was so awful that they just looked stupid. 
Also apologies for the last picture, it was a spur of the moment thing and I thought it was quite fun. So yeah tell me what you think of the outfit etc :)
OH and one last thing! I'm going to wagamamas tonight and am super super super excited!

Polly xo


  1. love the whole outfit :)
    ^ follow me!

  2. Love your outfit, the top is really're pretty :)


  3. love this outfit! the panda ring is too cute :)