Wednesday, 6 July 2011

our smallest adventures

  1. Top - Primark £4
  2. Shorts - Topshop £36
  3. Belt - H&M - £3
  4. Tights - Primark - £2
  5. Crimper - Babyliss (oh yes!) £20
Heya, me again. These photos are really old and were taken before I got my camera fixed, which is why the quality is really bad. I've been really wanting to do a load of posts of some stuff that I've recently bought but I can't because a friend has my camera right now.
Anyway, these photos were done when I hadn't lost the belt, and now for some reason I can't find it and without it the shorts look really big, and they're my favourite shorts ever. Hum, well I'm selling them for £20, so if anyone wants them they can have them, just get in conact with me
Seeing as this is my first ever 'fasion post' it isn't that amazing, but I hope its ok :)

Polly xo. 


  1. I love your hair! Babyliss FTW!xx

  2. Your hair is lovely (seriously envy!) love the red shorts too :) can you not get another good belt for them? x

  3. ahhh thankyou everyone! erm yeah i need to, but i just don't have any money at the moment! which suckks :( xo