Sunday, 3 July 2011


Heya, this is my first kind of real post on blogger and I have a total of 1 follower (woo go me!) so i thought I would do it about something that has happened in my life recently. Which you can probably tell is prom. The two adults in the pictures are my mum and dad. It was really special that my dad could be here because he used to live in the USA and he made the proper effort to be there which was so lovely. My prom date was a friend of mine called Seb and he's gay, so basically the ideal prom date, he was so lovely and as you can see from the first picture with him, he bought me a beautiful corsarge! The other picture is of me and a friend of mine, who throughout secondary school has been there for me even though its been rocky. In my opinion I thought she was the most beautiful girl there that night and looked breathtaking.
The night was so good, we got free alcohol and even though our parents and teachers were there it was absolutely hilarious because we got to see all of them wasted. I feel as if I've written a little bit too much now, but hey!

Polly xo.


  1. I love your dress and hair!! :)

  2. Its odd looking at other peoples blogs around this time, as EVERYONE is having their proms! Ive just had mine too.
    You look lovely! :)

  3. Hi pretty!
    I really love your blog and your style!!
    I follow you :)
    ... maybe of you want, you could visit my blog too and follow me back ;)
    Kisses from México city!