Thursday, 7 July 2011

Open House

  1. Necklace - Avon £5
  2. Far Away Perfume - Avon £6
So this is my first 'haul' post. I get a load of avon stuff through the post all the time and I just love all the stuff they sell. It's such good quality and pretty cheap considering. I am a little bit annoyed about my order though, because me being really stupid managed to order the wrong perfume. I usually get the one that's the same bottle but its a pink and black top and smells kind of flowery and subtle. However this one is really strong, even though it's really nice. It smells of like mango and soap which I guess is nice but can be a bit overpowering. 
I havve to apologise for the quality of the second to last photo and some of the others, since this is my first time doing this I didn't really know where to do it and the lighting was absolute crap. Oh well, luckily you can still see the deatil on my new necklace which is lovely! And it opens, which I didn't know at first and it ended up really exciting me!
I've just realised this is really long aha, hope you like the stuff :)

Polly xo.

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