Friday, 14 October 2011


Ram Neclace - £9 Acessorize

  1. Favourite of the week - The new iPhone 4S is amazing, I've watched all of the videos for it and and am now hating my BlackBerry so so so much. A friend of mine is getting it next week and my jealously is uncontrollable..considering stealing it..
  2. Favourite accessory of the week - Originally I wanted to show you guys a little green globe necklace a girl in one of my classes was wearing the other day, but I couldn't find it anywhere on internet (even though it probably is somewhere..meh) So I chose this ram necklace. I think it's pretty simple, and because I'm an Aries it's my Star Sign as well!
  3. Favourite item of clothing of the week - My friend got this from her boyfriend for her birthday last week (you can see it on her blog amyvalentinex) and it's not something I would EVER wear, but it's pretty cool and interesting, makes a change to other boring denim jackets that are around at the moment
  4. Favourite song of the week - Bombay Bicycle Club - Dorcas I am totally in love with BBC and have been searching round YouTube for a load of their stuff I might not have heard yet. I'm so happy I found this, it's not got any lyrics but it's massively chilled and
  5. Favourite video of the week - Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox) Not really into dubstep, but I've been hearing a load of stuff by Skrillex everywhere so thought I'd check him out..he's amazing, so sick and when I found this video I just thought it was so clever and fits so well, just watch it if you haven't seen it, sooooo good.
If you want me to check anything out then just comment :) 
(god I sound so gay seeing as this is only my first one of these posts hahaha)

Polly xo

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