Monday, 17 October 2011

everything you say is about you

  • Top - £15 Topshop
  • Shorts - $70 Some weird australian shop
  • Socks - £3 Primark
Sorry the first and last picture are practically the same, but at the moment I'm just using photos that I've already taken for other random things. For some reason I took these on my birthday, so yeah this is me being 16 for the first time, posing and looking grumpy haha. I love the socks that I'm wearing in the picture but I've worn them so much now they're a bit manky and the bows have fallen off waaa! Oh well, sorry it's a quick post but I didn't have much time to do this one

Polly xo


  1. i do acc luv those socks, i got them myself but only ever wear them in ma house ahha


  2. Love these photos - your socks are so cute :) x