Thursday, 13 October 2011

Need This..1: you won't make the call

  • Polar Bear - £46 buy here
  • Dalmatian - £44 buy here
  • Help - £46 buy here
  • Pure - £46 buy here
So when it comes to Topshop I'm a complete fangirl and I love most of their stuff. However seeing as I have no moneys whatsoever I don't have much of their stuff..sad times. Since it's getting colder (well it's meant to be, what's up with this weather!?) I need to buy myself a couple of nice jumpers and I've been swooning over these for a while. My favourite is the dalmatian one and thankfully it's the cheapest! (he's wearing a little bow..hehe how caute) 
I want to start blogging more again, but with college and everything else it's a bit difficult to fit everything in, but I might as well try! I'll probably end up doing a load of posts right now and just queuing them..ho hum better than nothing. 

Polly xo

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