Saturday, 22 October 2011

its that ancient love that you won't outgrow

  • Dress - £26 River Island
Currently using a mac that make absolutely no sense to me, I should have done a Need This post about 2 days ago now, but I forgot, so now because I'm out I'm just using the pictures that I already had saved for a post I was gunna do in a while..but you get it early..yay! I'm probably forgetting about my blog a bit because of college and the amount of work that I am getting, however it is half term now (well our college calls it reading week, odd I know) so hopefully I can post more and also get a load of drafts in.

OH also got a friend to do my layout, its pweety chyeah >.<

Polly xo

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  1. That first picture is stunning, the light is beautiful and it all works in your favour! I love the dress too! Urgh I want a mac so bad but theyre so expensive :'( xxx